• Nutrition Coach Brantford

    Nothing compares to the professionalism, knowledge and discipline these trainers have. If you want to commit to living the lifestyle it is TOTALLY attainable and worth it!! One of the most difficult and yet best journey of my life! Try it! You will become addicted!!

  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    I have been training at Elite Fitness Team for the past couple years. They are truly the best! I love the accountability & high standards that my coach Wayne Sutherland holds me to. If you're looking to make serious change or set & achieve new goals then this is where you want to be!

    Shaelyn Osborn
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    Elite fitness is an excellent place to change both mind AND body.... the support and accountability is easy for anyone at any age or weight to follow... they work with you and find the right plan for you. It's not easy, however, well worth it in the end :)

    France Thibeault
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    The best decision I’ve made this year was teaming with Wayne to meet my fitness goal. I haven’t been this happy in a long time. Without a doubt I would recommend him to anyone who’s willing to put in the effort to get results.

    Marie Blake
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    I am not gonna lie, I was SCARED to take the plunge into personal training. Change is always scary. But, Wayne created an allergy friendly meal plan and a cardio plan that was super easy to stick with and fit into my lifestyle.

    The online personal training option is awesome! I am an active person already but needed a boost back on the food wagon. I am not into running on a treadmill at the gym. Wayne's cardio plan accommodated my likes.

    He held me accountable, and will give a verbal slap when needed to get you back on track. Every plan Wayne creates is personally tailored to you specifically. The results are super quick if you do as you are told and crush your workouts. Not only have I lost fat on Wayne's plan but I have built muscle. I can now see abs for the first time in my life and also seeing way more muscle definition in my legs and arms. And that's basically from changing my food. Wayne encouraged me to push harder during my workouts. I thought I was pushing, but he made me realize I had a lot more to give and the intensity of my cardio has ramped up making my normal workouts more effective.

    I have had an awesome experience with Wayne guiding me on this pretty awesome journey. I have learned a ton about food that I never knew before. I'm so glad that I did this for myself. I feel amazing. I am not done with Wayne yet and I'm excited to see where he will push me next!!

    I highly recommend online personal training with EFT!!

    Courtney Grisch-Bari
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    I would not be where I am today without Wayne. He is always pushing me to the limit and just a bit beyond. Absolutely the very best. I can't recommend him highly enough. Thank you Wayne!

    Gilda Collins
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    EFT and Wayne and Nicole are invaluable to my ongoing fitness goals. They are not only trainers, they are motivators, counsellors, and friends. I recommend them without any hesitation to anyone who is ready to make major changes in their lifestyle and fitness goals.

    Danielle Curtis
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    Would not be where I am today without Elite Fitness. Nicole is there for me every step of the way even when I wanted to give up!! They have taught me to achieve my goals and never stop making new ones!

    Kandice Jay Butler
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    First off Elite Fitness team has changed my life in so many ways; not just physically but mentally!

    I started my first 12 week online training back in March and decided to do another 12 weeks in May after seeing the amazing transformation that my body had gone through. I was in LOVE with the way I felt and how my thoughts about my body had changed. I am now confident with the way I feel and look.

    I would like to THANK Wayne so much for all his support ~ He has been there for me every step of the way and answers all my questions. If it wasn't for him and his guidance I wouldn't be where I am today.

    I HIGHLY recommend Elite Fitness Team to ANYONE that is serious about wanting to see results and dedicated to putting in the time.
    You will NOT be disappointed - Wayne knows his stuff!

    Tonya Kingsbury
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    If you're serious and want to see results willing to put the work in definitely trust Wayne. He knows his sh*t if you're willing to push past your comfort zone he will have your back and get you what you want. Great trainer!!!

    Jaime Rae
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    Best choice I made was to join the Elite Fitness Team, forever have changed my life! #mysecondfamily they are the push I needed!! Much love and respect to all of you

    Kowalyk Michelle
  • Nutrition Coach Brantford

    I have worked with 3 out of the 4 trainers. They’re knowledgeable, professional and excel at getting results. You will not be disappointed.

    Liz Cottrill