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Wayne Sutherland

Wayne has close to 15 years experience in the fitness industry and founded Elite Fitness Team Inc. July 2010. Wayne was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean and moved to Canada where he went to school and excelled in Honors Kinesiology. Wayne’s journey into health and fitness took off when he began working out at the age of 17 and fell in love with the sport of natural bodybuilding at the age of 31. Wayne achieved top 3 in all of natural Canada for 2 years in a row and even competed at the Arnold Classic in Ohio. His competitive nature came out and he became fully engulfed in the science behind the bodybuilding contest preparation and physique transformations. After competing in over 15 shows, Wayne realized that his passion was in transforming ordinary people into extraordinary heroes. Wayne’s passion for training and nutrition has led him to create a specialized online program that incorporates aspects of contest prep, nutrition based on science and a twist of "in the trenches" experience. For over 10 years, Wayne's holistic approach to his clients' transformations is based on longevity and overall health.

Nicole Doumont

My obsession with health and fitness started @ the early age of 12 and hasn't fizzled a bit, now in my 40's. My passion for health and fitness started with training and achieving my black belt in shotokan karate, teaching aerobic classes, running marathons, competing in fitness competitions, and fitness coaching for over 16 years. I have turned my passion into my career with the focus of coaching and transforming lives. I believe that we have to keep setting goals boldly and having the courage to walk through the doors of opportunity in order to reach our true potential.

Nutrition Coach

Our Fitness Program Includes: NUTRITION Coaching Program | ELITE Coaching Program | REBOOT Coaching Program

Elite Fitness Team Inc. serves clients across Brantford, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Guelph, Kitchener, Cambridge, Halton Hills, Ontario, and worldwide.

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