Should I track my calories or just eat healthy to lose weight?⁠

Author: Elite Fitness Team Inc. |


Many people frame an "either...or" situation with this.⁠

On one side, people will tell you that the quality of food or the healthy foods you're eating is all that matters for weight loss.⁠

The other side, people will say all that matters is calories.⁠

I would strongly advise you not to look at it as an "either...or" situation. ⁠

When it comes to weight loss, you need to be in a caloric or energy deficit to lose weight. All diets have that in common so it really doesn't matter what eating strategy you use as long as you can sustain it.⁠

Calorie counting is a way to help manage how much food you're consuming in terms of calories so that you can get into that deficit to lose weight.

However, eating healthy can do this well. ⁠

But I want to stress something here. ⁠

Eating healthy on its own is one of the hardest ways to determine how many calories you're consuming. Most people don't distinguish between eating healthy and eating to lose weight. These two things aren't the same.⁠

You can eat in a healthy fashion and maintain your weight at where you're at. ⁠

You need to understand that counting calories is NOT the only way to control or manage your calories. Like I mentioned before, every diet out there is helping you to accomplish this. ⁠

So there are a lot of different dieting methods out there to help you lose weight but remember that eating healthy on its own is one of the hardest ways to control your calories. ⁠

What do you currently do, track calories or just eat healthy? I wanna know!

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