How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Lives

Author: Elite Fitness Team Inc. | | Categories: Fitness Transformation , Online Fitness Coach , Weight Loss


In the initial days of the pandemic, we all thought it would be gone in about a month with the precautions that everyone was taking to be safe. Now we are all surprised that it has been around for almost the entire year and as businesses and companies, we have to make changes to the way we operate, if we are planning on getting any work done.

We were planning on going online for the last two years, and now we are going into the next six months confident that we made the right choice in 2018 to go 100% online with our coaching business. COVID-19 has also opened our eyes and verified that the world and business will always move forward differently. While we do not have much choice, we have to adjust to the changes that are taking place and move on accordingly.

While business is not the same as it used to be, COVID-19 has not disrupted much when it comes to the work that we were doing. We just doubled down on what worked for us in the past and kept moving forward with a growth mindset!

As a business, we were already online, so we did not have to make any significant changes to the communication patterns we were following and continue doing the same things.

Since 2018, we have been working remotely from our home office. The giant bulk of work we get done is remote, and we managed to build quite a client base. We are fortunate to have quite the headstart on most of the clients, while similar businesses are starting now.

Although we were working remotely for the longest time, we did have a few challenges when we were getting started. Remote working meant we had to hire a business coach, with expertise in online health and fitness coaching to help set up our business and reduce the few challenges that we might have in the beginning.

There are two of us working from home, and we created two different workspaces within the house. Our team members work from their own home and remote office spaces and find it quite convenient.

We are already clean people, so do not have to put in too much effort to disinfect and clean the place. We organize, reduce clutter, and also hired a cleaning service to add a special touch. Overall, we do not deal with any clients from our house, so the precautions we are taking are mainly for ourselves. As we love what we do, we did not make any changes to our working hours or the number of hours that we put in. Additionally, we were set and ready to work online.

We were using the same platforms and continue to use secure platforms to communicate with clients and staff. We are not using anything out of the blue, so we do not inconvenience our clients with having to install and learn them. We are sticking to Facebook, Instagram, email, ideally GMail, Trainerize and 1 Password. Whenever we are working on a catchup call, we use zoom for video conferencing. Furthermore, we organize our meetings through a computer video program. We are open to taking part in virtual public events and business expos whenever possible as we are already in the virtual space, and it makes sense that we make the most of it.

We highly suggest learning and educating yourself on the functioning of the online world as that is where the world is heading. It doesn’t seem likely that things are going back to normal anytime soon.

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