The Truth About Weight Loss

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Weight loss can be frustrating as you could be putting in a lot of effort but seeing no significant results. This can leave you disheartened and confused about what you are doing wrong. At Elite Fitness Team Inc., we’ve come across several clients who’ve struggled with weight loss in the same way. When we looked a little deeper into what they’d been doing, we realized that they were misguided on several fronts about food and exercise.

After we educated our clients about how diets and exercise actually impact the body, they begin to see where they were making mistakes earlier. Additionally, they feel more confident in their efforts and see considerable results after changing their approach. 

To help you in a similar manner, we have decided to share with you the truth about weight loss. Keep reading to learn more and mentally prepare yourself to make the right choices while on your weight loss journey.

The facts!

1. All calories are not equal
It is a widespread belief that all calories are equal, but this is not true. Calories from different foods are not absorbed in the same way. This makes each of their contributions to your weight gain unique.

2. Carbs do not make us fat
Though many weight loss programs make carbs appear like the bad guy, that isn’t really the case. Carbs or carbohydrates are an energy source that our bodies need. What really causes us to become fat or put on weight is being in a caloric surplus over a period of time.

3. Losing weight is not a linear process
Saying that weight loss is a linear process is far from the truth! The human body is very dynamic, and this leads to fluctuations in your weight. It’s normal for body weight to fluctuate up and down by a few pounds. For example, you may be carrying more food in your digestive system or holding on to more water than usual.

4. Losing weight doesn’t have to to be tough
Weight loss can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a fitness program tailored to your needs, the support and guidance from a professional coach, and you also do the work, you will surely lose the weight you aim to.

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