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Elite Fitness Team Inc. is an online weight loss transformation & fitness company - laser focussed on transforming peoples’ health, built on systems & support. We specialize in designing weight loss transformation meal plan systems, transformation workout routines, & accountability systems; alongside a supportive community of others on their weight loss transformation, health & fitness journey committed @ the same level.

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I have been training at Elite Fitness Team for the past couple years. They are truly the best! I love the accountability & high standards that my coach Wayne Sutherland holds me to. If you're looking to make serious change or set & achieve new goals then this is where you want to be!

Nothing compares to the professionalism, knowledge and discipline these trainers have. If you want to commit to living the lifestyle it is TOTALLY attainable and worth it!! One of the most difficult and yet best journey of my life! Try it! You will become addicted!!

Elite fitness is an excellent place to change both mind AND body.... the support and accountability is easy for anyone at any age or weight to follow... they work with you and find the right plan for you. It's not easy, however, well worth it in the end Online Fitness Coach